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Bekro manufactures pigments and dyes which are designed for the special requirements of candle makers. Since its establishment in 1966, the company has grown from a pioneer to today's leading producer of colorants for candles.
bekroWhat was the initial situation at that time? The extremely limited colors available consisted mainly of ,fat dyes", which were originally developed for other applications. Much time, effort and experience were required to mix different shades from these few basic colors. Safety considerations were secondary.

bekroVery early on, Bekro developed an innovative efficient solution for coloring candles. Now, high-quality ready-to-use colors can be provided directly for candle production.

bekroOur high quality standards have played a central role right from the start - because the quality of the colorant has a decisive influence on the quality of the candle, for example with regard to appearance and burning behavior.

bekroToday, candle manufacturers the world over associate the name Bekro not only with professional color development and the fulfillment of very specific color requests, but also with technical training and individual color consulting.


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