BekrobekroWho has never been fascinated by a romantic sunset or a rainbow in all its glorious color? From red to orange to yellow, green and blue and all the way to violet, it shines in all the colors of the sun's bekrospectrum.

bekrobekroLight, which gives us a specific color impression depending on its wavelength (380-780 nm), is the source of our perception of color. The human eye can discern some 600,000 shades.


bekroThe effects of color go far beyond pure sensory perception. Their significance in everyday life is firmly established - they even have their own symbolism, in which red stands for love, yellow means happiness and green is envy.

bekrobekroColors can convey our moods. This is expressed, for example, in our choice of clothing. But this goes both ways - color also has a psychological effect on mood and performance. The calming effect of the cool colors (green, blue and violet) or the stimulating effect of the warm colors (yellow, orange and red) is often applied when decorating a room.

bekrobekroThe choice of candle color is also an expression of mood or attitude - a detail in the sea of colors, but an essential accessory for our interior design.

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